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Gottex & Gideon Oberson

Saturday, February 6, 2010

GOTTEX and GIDEON OBERSON swimsuits of Israel

Gottex Swimwear-is our most popular swimsuit line. Gottex Swimwear brings bright colors, great fit, support and a supreme understanding of the woman’s body. Each swimsuit print is associated with cultural influence. Gottex Swimwear breaks the barriers between swimwear and high fashion. Gottex Swimwear is the most well known Israeli swimwear company worldwide. Gottex specializes in tankini swimsuits, one piece swimsuits, bikinis and most swimsuits have super tummy control.

Gideon Oberson Swimwear-For Gideon Oberson of Gottex, dressing women for the beach is no different than dressing them for a night out. The Gottex women go effortlessly from poolside to cocktails and dinner by simply adding an eye catching pareo or skirt to complete her ensemble.” –Gideon Oberson. Specializing in fabulous swimsuit prints, bikinis, one piece swimsuits, tankini swimsuits and coverups.


Monday, February 1, 2010


Poleci is the artist in our collection of designers. The line, designed by sisters Janice Levin-Krok and Diane Levin, reflects their passion for sculpture, architecture, and modern art. The result is a beautiful line of clothing that is textured, colorful, and unique. You’ll always look modern and fashion forward in Poleci designs.

If you’re a professional woman who has to make presentations, calls on customers, or sitting in the corner office, you should strongly consider this brand. It is classy and gorgeous!

Poleci has been around for almost 20 years and is now carried in some 1,000 stores internationally, the Los Angeles-based label still remains something of a cult favorite in America.


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